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Our Story

Renewed Spirits was founded by Larry and Lynsie Koepfle. We are both huge fans of craft beer - the taste, the art, and the memories made trying a new drink or visiting a new brewery. Initially, we saved and displayed empty cans to preserve these memories. We eventually had the idea to turn them into something of use. Thus, we started making beer can candles. We began by selling to friends, family, and at our local farmers market. We soon found others loved our idea as much as we did. Thus, Renewed Spirits came to be. We decided to name our business "Renewed Spirits" to not only symbolize making something new from the old cans, but also to symbolize the commitment we have made to donate 10% of all profits to organizations that invest in the community and future generations. By doing this, we hope to influence the lives of the lost, the hurting, and the broken, creating more “Renewed Spirits” in the process. 


As our business has grown, so has our audience. This has required us to evolve and explore other high quality products we can offer to our valued customers. We have been working very hard in the slow season to research and develop some new product offerings for 2023. New items you can expect to see from us are wax melts, cold processed soap, and beard products (I.e. beard oil, beard butter, and beard soap). We look forward to unveiling new products to our valued customers as we continue to grow and expand.

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